Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope you all enjoy it and remember its not about the gifts the we give or receive but the people we spend it with.

Always great gathering up with loved ones on this great day.

I spent the day at my brothers girlfriends mum house for lunch and then went to my sisters for a bbq. Was good to see everyone laughing and smiling. First Christmas without my other sister who lives in New zealand with her family now.

Crazy how fast this year has gone by but excited for the year ahead and wish everyone a happy new year! Be grateful,be thankful and appareciate each other and the greatest gift we can give is laughter so i hope you all have a wonderful time


Its my birthday!!

imageToday is my birthday!

Im 22.

Happy birthday to me. Times gone so fast but thankful to be alive.

Every year i would celebrate my birthday at a club and get pissed drunk but this years different. Dont think any alcohol will be involved. Nor will i be near any nightclubs.



Reunited with an old friend




Havent written a blog in awhile but here goes…

On Sunday afternoon i caught up with a old friend from high school that i haven’t seen in about 2 years.

We just lost touch but it was great to see her. Over the years i’ve lost touch with a few friends but always good to hear from them.

We started talking and she hasn’t changed one bit. She seems happy and its always good to see that and she deserves to be happy. I always wish nothing but the best for everyone of my friends even if they don’t wish the same for me. its just how i am. i was always taught to love and respect everyone equally no matter what race,colour or what belief they had.

I have detached myself from people for awhile because i wasn’t happy and i wasn’t sure who i was anymore.

We talked about the old days back in school and the messy nights we had in Kings cross and the stupid shit we used to do. I haven’t really laughed in awhile so it felt good. She is one of those people who will do something stupid and you’ll end up laughing till your stomach hurts.

I’m sure we’ve all lost touch with a friend every now and then. If you haven’t seen them in awhile pick up the phone right now and call them. Catch up for a coffee and talk about everything that you used to get up to. It will be good for you both.
I have felt so much better since i saw her and thats what i really needed. I needed to laugh and smile again. It didn’t cost anything.

It wont hurt to reach out to an old friend and ask them how they are doing or what they’ve been up to. Sometimes all we need is a good conversation. Laughter is good for the heart.

Sometimes the best company is your own

image.jpgSometimes you just need to turn off from the world for abit,get off social media and do YOU!!

Lately i’ve been disconnected not because i HATE everyone but because i need to LOVE myself.

Im pretty im not the only one.

Somedays i’ll just sit on the couch and put on my earphones and play my music really loud. Other days i’ll read a book or i’ll just go outside and sit and stare into the sky.

I think these days everyones to busy with their lives,posting about it on social media,taking photos of themselves that they forget to enjoy their own company.

I have no problem with being alone and you shouldn’t either.

* Turn off your phone
* Listen to music
* Go for a walk

Spot the real from the fake

image.jpgReal isn’t who’s with you at your celebrations.
Real is who’s standing next to you at rock bottom.

I’ve always been social,especially working in the nightlife industry. I’ve met heaps of people over the years.
I’ve always been surrounded by people. But last year i realised who my REAL friends were.

I stopped party and drinking and thats when i noticed that my list of friends i thought i had were disappearing. But i wasn’t surprised. I’m not upset because it was bound to happen and now i know.

People will come and go.
People will use you.
People aren’t all you think they are.
People will say they care,but do they really??

In the end heaps of people will disappoint you. But its up to you at the end of the day who you choose to have in your life.
I went from having a bunch of mates to having 3-4 that i know will always have my back and only want the best for me and thats something.

I don’t like to have any bad blood with anyone but if i stopped talking to you or contacting you its because im doing whats best for me now.
Im over drama. I’m over hearing about what he said,what she said. i’d rather talk about my goals and ambitions.

Once you get rid of those who don’t support you you’ll find out how much better you are.

Clean up your Facebook page
Change your number
Delete people who don’t SUPPORT you

Treat everyone with RESPECT

image.jpgMy parents always taught me to respect everyone. No matter what religion,race,colour or how people treat you back.

Im the type of person who will go out of my way to make you happy. Even if your a complete arsehole to me. Im the type of person who says sorry when the other person bumps into me. Im the type of person who helps the old lady cross the road. Im the type of person who gives someone else my lunch.

Being a bad person wont get you far. It doesnt cost anything to make people smile. It doesnt cost anything to smile at the next person you see. It doesnt cost anything to help the old lady with her grocery bags.

Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world. No matter what you look like
One thing my mother taught me was RESPECT. I greet the janitor with the same Respect i greet the CEO with

Stay positive


Love this

I know im not the only one going through a rough time right now.
So i just wanted to send out some love to all of those struggling. Im here with you,you may feel trapped,you look in the mirror and you see yourself but your not really there. You are afraid to ask for help because you don’t want to be weak.

We must push through,we’re all on a journey,some different from others but we cant GIVE UP.

I hope you find yourself and i hope i find myself.

So lets try to remain positive.
Read or write or put on your favourite song and dance or go for a run or scream as loud as you can. We all handle things differently but we are all the same.

You are not alone
I promise